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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Witch Yoo Hee [2007 Korean Drama]

Witch Yoo Hee, also known as Witch Amusement, a 2007 Korean drama, marks my return to watching Korean productions. It really has been a long time since I watched anything Korean. I watched Welcome To Dongmakgol, a 2005 Korean movie, back in April but then Snoopy fell ill and I didn't have the time or the mood for any entertainment. And then when I began watching dramas again, I discovered Kevin Cheng and watched a few of his dramas and movie consecutively. LOL

Well, last night, I finally completed Witch Yoo Hee, which has a total of 16 episodes at approximately 65 minutes each. I have to say that Witch Yoo Hee caught my attention only because of Dennis O but it has a weak storyline which made the drama seemed exceptionally long and boring. However, it is sometimes funny which made me chuckle along, thanks to the antics of Yoo Hee's Manager.

I wouldn't say that Witch Yoo Hee is exceptional. I guess by next month, I wouldn't even remember how the story went but I trust that i would still remember the good looks of Dennis O. And nope, he doesn't look too Asian.


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