Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Choose A Mandolin

I received a couple of gifts from the wife of my boss a few days ago. They were souvenirs purchased from the family's recent overseas vacation. 

While chatting with her, she asked me if I have knowledge and experience with mandolins, as she is buying a mandolin for her grandchild and don't know which one to purchase. 

Well, neither do I! But, being the web savvy person that I am, I scoured the internet and found a mandolin buying guide that she could refer to. That's the best I could assist. 

Hopefully, she doesn't come back to me with more questions. HAHAHA

Heading to Singapore Tomorrow

I will be in Singapore tomorrow for a 6D/5N trip. Can't say I am looking for it after a month planning for it excitedly. Why? Because I just received a piece of negative news that would render my whole trip meaningless. 

Singapore is such an expensive country... why would I even want to go there? But since my trip has been planned, would I enjoy myself there?

I will try to, and not keep thinking about how much things cost in Ringgit Malaysia! 

Argh! I am so stressed out. Will have to work triply hard when I return to pay off my credit card debt incurred from this trip! Boo!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea

My sister was telling about the music room that her husband is building, and how he is looking for equipment to fill it with.

And from one of the things she said, I suddenly remembered that I have to get two Christmas gifts for them. One for him and one for her.

I think that it is the right time to get the Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 for him since it's something that he could use fully and enjoy, in his new music room.

But when it comes to thinking about a gift for my sister, it is going to be difficult. As they always say, it's easier to get a gift for a man than a woman. Isn’t that true?

Car Cannot Start

And this is not the first instance already. Just that today being a very busy day for me, and since it is Sunday, no mechanic is working! 

Argh... I guess I have to take the taxi around because I have to be in two places at different times of the day and that means four trips to and from my home. 

How much will that cost me in taxi fare? Maybe RM30. :( 

Boohoo.., I can't fill up petrol today, which also means cannot gain the 5% rebate on credit card swipes on weekends.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Music Editing Made Easier

I was visiting my friend at his music studio just last week. It was an impromptu visit and I since I was already in the area, I took the chance that he would have a bit of time to spare me in between his work. 

Well, turned up he was in a bit of a rush but didn't mind me hanging around, looking over his shoulder and seeing what he does for a living. 

He was telling me about this melodyne music editor that he is currently using to arrange the music that he has recorded, lamenting that if only he found out about it sooner! 

Apparently, Melodyne can compose and arrange, reshape and alienate, mix and remix, correct and optimise, and more. Sounds like a musical genius!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mentally Tired

This week had really been tough on me mentally. I have written so many lengthy articles, juggling so many different subjects that sometimes, I think I am going crazy. Even though I don't drink liquor, I feel as though I want to make myself drunk. Yes, that's how I am feeling right now. 

This is certainly not the way to live. Where is the meaning? I am a very simple person who just wants to sit quietly in a park with my prince, and enjoy the day as it goes by. 

I am not someone who asks for a lot in life. Simple things make me happy and my stress threshold is low. At night, I just want to be cuddled in bed, watching TV. And I am not talking about sex, OK!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Year-End Party Time

I just returned from a tour with a group of new friends who came from Medan, Indonesia. 

As soon as I arrived home, my boss told me that I have a new mission, and that is to organise a year-end party for the company. I know that it's my turn this year but argh, has it been a year already? How time flies! 

I am desperately in need of an amplifier but have no idea which I should get, or even what model. What about the price? If you have any suggestions, let me know, as I need to buy now. I don't have much time to ponder on it because I have another trip coming up and I don't think I have free time to sit around to think about the party. 

I also have to remember to look for food and lucky draw prizes!