Monday, August 31, 2015

My CD Collection

A couple of days ago, a friend showed me a photo of his CD collection, neatly stacked like mine, but dust free, unlike mine! 

I told him that since upgrading to a smart phone, I no longer had the need to touch any of my CDs since I listed to my mp3 files from the phone and to other music using the FM radio application.

That short chat made me wonder if my mp3 cd player is still working. I need to test it. If not, I think I will buy a new one and start spinning my CDs again. 

Yes, it definitely has been a long time since I pulled out any, and it's about time I check them out again.

Watching Too Much YouTube

I've been lazing around these past few days and getting my entertainment solely from YouTube. I am catching up on past episodes of Dr. Phil Show and getting a good dose into the insight of many an American dysfunctional family. 

I know that I too have some "mental" issues that also cause me a lot of pain. However, at this point, it is not so bad that I need them solved by going on national television. 

Watching the shows also make me wonder if there is a Malaysian equivalent of it. I don't believe there's one. If there was, would the show be as popular? Will there be any Malaysian willing to share their story on air like that?

Small Improvements

These few days have been mundane at home. With renovation going on at the houses of both my neighbors, I am also entertaining the thought of making slight improvements at home, particularly in the kitchen. 

The kitchen never seems large enough and I am trying to create more space for it. Now, I am not going to knock down walls or anything like that but it's just a matter of moving stuff around; furniture, counters and such. 

My neighbor has built-in cabinets in the kitchen and I am thinking that I too can add pantry slides to my shelves, which will give me more space to store my kitchen utensils and appliances. 

Haha... although I may have plenty of ideas now, when work hits me, I won't have time to think about anything else. If I really want to get things done, I'll just have to engage a carpenter to do the job.

It's Merdeka Again!

Oh wow, can you believe that it's another national day celebration? 

This year, I believe, has been one of the most passive ones for me, since about five years ago. I was just staying at home this long weekend, although I had hoped that I would have the opportunity to get away. 

Yes, I know, I was just back from Kuching..... and after having completed the backlog of my work and a couple of rest days that I gave myself, I felt bored again and was looking for an "escape". 

Anyway, it's a new month tomorrow and I am hoping there will be something exciting for me to pour my energy into.

Sometimes, I feel as though I have so much time and not enough things for me to do! At least, not paying work! Boo!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Private Party

A new acquaintance is trying to rope me in to help with arranging a private party among our mutual friends to be hosted in his private residence. This friend and his wife are already in their 80s and their children and grandchildren are living in Australia.

I am wondering if I should commit myself to the task because I am running on a tight schedule myself. I also need to know how many people are volunteering their time, although i couldn't ask this question outright. 

In any case, I have begun doing a little homework and have checked out wholesale linens from premiertablelinens com. I am wondering if we should purchase or rent. Maybe a better bet would be to rent so that we don't have a bunch of stuff that we may no longer use.

Another Trip Coming Up

Well, well, well. After two months sitting on my butt in front of my computer typing away, it is time to make a move again. And this time it is to Sarawak. The previous trip was to Langkawi which means I got to fly. I am flying again to East Malaysia. Yay! Will I get to fly to the Netherlands again?? It's been more than a year and I miss that trip so much. 

Anyway, I have just a few days at home to clear up all my work before my trip. I hope to start with a clean slate but I know it won't happen. Haihhhh what to do? I have to lug my laptop along. It's a long trip and I have pending work to complete. Also, I need to back up my photos at the end of each day. The corrupted memory card that I faced on a trip to Terengganu was most awful! 

Till I see you again!

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Been A Year

Today marks the first anniversary of my trip to Europe, where I had the best time of my life, with the most amazing companion(s). 

Although I have traveled to a few other countries following that trip, this one to Europe is still so fresh in my mind. I enjoyed it to much from the every day life to the higher end stuff such as orhcestra concerts and cross border visits to neighboring countries. 

Will I be able to go there again some time soon? To me, it's not so much about the place, city or country, but about whom I was with and that's what made the difference between a mediocre trip and an awesome one!