Saturday, December 10, 2016


I was surprised the other day, attending a dinner party, and was entertained by a drummer. He was a guest, actually, but a drummer will always be a drummer and he couldn't help himself when he saw the drum set on stage. He just had to play. And the best thing was that he really enjoyed himself and so did we! 

Later, he told us that it was the analog delay pedal that made his playing sound that good. 

Well, I don't know how true that was, perhaps he was just being humble. But yea, it was really good music and we had an enjoyable time that night! Memories were made of these.

Backside Itchy

It's been over a month since I came home from my last trip. It was to Malacca. What a trip it was! Kept me busy for some days upon my return!'s been too long already and I am dying to go somewhere again. Where? Just anywhere! Preferably overseas la. HAHAHA 

I know, I know, I am asking too much, or maybe I am not. In any case, if you want something, you must say it aloud, otherwise, who will know? Therefore, I am recording my request here.

Actually, I am heading north tomorrow. Argh.... not somewhere that I want to go. In fact, I tried to push it off, perhaps I did it too gently, that the other party did not get my subtle time, I must be more forceful. Yes, I want to do somewhere, anywhere, but not there!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Billionaire's Birthday

My boss, a billionaire, is celebrating his birthday soon. I have this problem annually, thinking of what birthday present to give him! You know, he is so rich that he can get and has already gotten, whatever that he wants. Yes, wants and not needs. 

And so, I always try to get him customised items or limited edition items. Obviously, there are not cheap, and I always have to share the cost with other colleagues. Not that I like to do so but I just don't have enough of budget. 

Anyway, I scouted this Peter Frampton Les Paul custom guitar while I was searching for a suitable gift. I jumped off my seat when I saw the price tag. We couldn't afford it even if we shared it out with the entire office. Hahaha 

Oh well, maybe I should just tip him off and let him buy it himself.

Sick for a Week!

I have not travelled the entire month of October. There's good and there's bad. Good that I was able to catch up with my long list of task, coming home from back to back trips. Bad that I was cooped up at home, and caught the stupid flu virus from my dad. 

So, it has been a week since I feel ill. Or has it been longer than yet? most probably longer, as I have lost track of time. 

Although my fever has subsided, I am still coughing badly and have runny nose. Besides, I have had a splitting headache for days. 

This means that I am unable to concentrate on my work and that my tasks have piled up again. Sigh!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Guitar Maestro

A friend of mine is a sound engineer who has been engaged to work at many music festivals and concerts sent me a CD recording of him playing the guitar. Wow, I didn't know that he's a guitar maestro, too!

As I have planned to purchase a guitar for my little nephew, I decided to ask for his opinion which would be the best guitar to buy for a learner. My nephew has not played before and although he has shown interest, we do not know if he would stick to it.

He sent me a number of suggestions and I was delighted that I managed to find a couple of them in guitar center in arlington texas! That's gonna be convenient for me to buy one after I have made my pick.

Pokemon GO Hack

I am at level 13 of Pokemon GO and I am so tempted to install the hack! I am bored with the game already and need something to boost it. My friend has the hack installed and asked me if I wanted it. That time, I was around Level 8. Well, I was action at that time. Now, whenever I get stuck, I am tempted to get it from my friend. 

Once, I almost succumbed. I messaged my friend. BUT he didn't reply me! Humphhhhhh.... in retrospect, thankfully he didn't reply! LOL Or I would already be using the hack right now. 

Without it, I am not sure how long more I can play the game. Many of my friends, without the hack, has stopped playing when they hit the 20s. Maybe I will be one of them as well. What do you think? Hack - yay or nay?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Audio Fest

My cousin is busy this weekend as he is involved in the audio visual trade fair. He has invited me over to check out his booth but I don't believe that I would have the time to go there. He told me that his company is launching the new version of mbox 3 pro and he expects rave reviews from the experts. 

I took a look at the mbox 3 pro on the internet and although I do not know everything that it is capable of, I am impressed with its features. I believe the latest version can do more tricks. Don't you think so?