Friday, August 12, 2016

Audio Fest

My cousin is busy this weekend as he is involved in the audio visual trade fair. He has invited me over to check out his booth but I don't believe that I would have the time to go there. He told me that his company is launching the new version of mbox 3 pro and he expects rave reviews from the experts. 

I took a look at the mbox 3 pro on the internet and although I do not know everything that it is capable of, I am impressed with its features. I believe the latest version can do more tricks. Don't you think so?

Gonna Catch Them All!

I have played Pokemon GO since the day it was launched in Malaysia and Singapore. I am just a casual player, though and sometimes, did not even logged in to the app - particularly when I have no more pokeballs!

Some of my friends, though, are really addicted to the game. They play it all day long and even go out of their way to play. 

I don't really know how to play and just catch whatever that comes on my screen. My friend wrote a tutorial on her blog and I didn't have the time to read it. When IU want to get more serious with the game, when I have the kind of time to spare, I would go and read it. 

As for now, I just play as and when I remember. What about you?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Picking Up An Instrument

I read that the way we utilize our time between 6pm to midnight can change the course of our life. This is the time that we are supposed to have for ourselves, where we are done with work at the office and before bedtime. 

Married people may not have the maximum six hours because of other commitments but single people, like me, really have no excuse not to invest these hours on ourselves. 

Even if we cannot use the full six hours, we have to spend at least 30 to 60 minutes to upgrade ourselves. And so, I have decided to pick up a musical instrument after work. 

Will that earn me money? No. Will that make me happy? It will probably cause me plenty of stress. Nonetheless, it does beat watching the TV for hours on end at night. 

In any case, I have just checked www.musicians and will decide on which instrument to learn soon.

Day Trip to KL Tomorrow

Have been summoned to go to Kuala Lumpur for a two-hour job. The funny thing is that travelling to KL and return trip to Ipoh would take six hours and more. 

And the worst part, since I am taking the public transport, I am going to have to take the later train because the earlier one has been sold out. 

Oh well, I guess it is good news that there are still train tickets available! Otherwise, I will have to take the express bus and that would mean going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, rather than the nearer Pudu Sentral. 

Also, the bus terminal to my home is about 30 minutes rather than the 15 - 20 minutes to the train station. 

Argh! Stressed out!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Headphone Shopping

My second pair of trusty earphones have broken down. I find that despite earphones being more handy, I prefer headphones. Therefore, I have been searching for a good pair and asking around. 

My friends have recommended mdr7506 and I am keen to try them out at the SONY Centre. They go for more than MYR400 per pair so it is going to be a big purchase for me. 

I believe that with that price, I am paying for quality and I have always believed in SONY products. With its closed-ear design, I will get to enjoy my music way better, too!

Just Back From the Highlands

What a week it has been! I was in the highlands, going from Fraser's Hill to Genting Highlands and finally, Bukit Tinggi in Pahang! Yeah, a traveller I am although I wish I could go on overseas trips rather than local. 

That's my wish for this year. I believe I have seen my fair share of local destinations and promoted a good bit of these places too. 

It was a good time to be up in the hills too since it's steaming hot in the lowlands. It wasn't cold as I had expected but our days weren't spent brewing like we had in the past couple of months. 

Ironically, during my holiday, I got news that it rained cats and dogs one afternoon. LOL

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Youth Development Camp

I was recently invited to a church camp where the focus was on youth development. Part of the programme saw us getting together every evening to bond and of course, there was good food, great music and the best company. 

We were talking about getting a couple of new music equipment for the church band and I suggested Focusrite. Obviously, I also mentioned about saving cost by waiting for Focusrite deals

In the mean time, we can be prudent and build up our kitty as we search for what we need on the internet.