Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Off To Negeri Sembilan

Of all the states in Malaysia that I have visited, Negeri Sembilan is one that I had only passed through. I have not spent more than a few hours there but this time, I have the opportunity to spend four days there. Ho yeah! 

I used to have a friend in Seremban and I had thought of taking the ETS from Ipoh to Seremban (when it was still in service) to visit him but then he was suffering from cancer and his health deteriorated very quickly. And then he passed away, and I didn't make an excuse to have a holiday there anymore. 

Anyway, years have passed and I am healed, I guess, since I am looking forward to visit Negeri Sembilan. With this trip, I am ticking yet another state off the handful of Malaysian states that I have yet to visit. And by visit, I mean to spend at leas\t a few days there.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Neck Ache

I just returned from a short trip within my own state. Although some people think that it's strange that I would go on trips that take me to familiar places, I still enjoy the opportunity to see things from another aspect. 

On the second day, I woke up with a nagging ache on one side of my neck. My friend told me that it could be because of the air-conditioning in our hotel room, which kept getting cooler and cooler as the night wore on.

She told me that she has this chilipad mattress pad at which allows her to control the temperature of her bed, without having to heat up or cool down the entire house, or even just the room. 

With the temperature maintained through the night, one can expect a good night's sleep. And that's what I am looking forward to, after I getting myself a ChiliPad mattress pad.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My New Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note

After stressing over a phone that shuts off by itself, and couldn't get turned back on unless I take out the battery, and this for a year, I finally got myself a new phone and as the title says, it's the Chinese brand, Xiaomi's Redmi Note.

I initially got the equally budget-friendly Huawei Honor 3C but my dad wanted it after seeing how nice it was, but then I decided not to buy two units of the same model, and so, opted for Xiaomi Redmi Note instead. 

Obviously, this isn't my dream phone but so far, I have no complaints regarding its hardware specification, except that i wonder how long it will last.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Picking Up An Instrument

Sometimes, I feel like I want to further myself, to pick up a new skill, to learn something different. Perhaps another language, swimming, cycling, or even a musical instrument. I was brought up in a no-frills household, where I never had the opportunity to do more than required at school. 

Now that I have the extra cash, I wonder if I have the time or discipline. Of course, the first step I took was to Sign up online at, and hopefully, it would spur my passion to learn something different. 

But knowing me, I will only pay attention for the first few lessons and then my passion for it dies off. However, I think I would stick to it if I have a companion to join me in my quest for a new skill. Any takers?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sick For 4 Weeks

After returning from Holland for two weeks, I fell ill. Well, if I have to be ill, at least it wasn't when I was travelling, I guess!

And so, I had the package of fever, cough and sore throat. Until today, I am still coughing, even after seeing two doctors three times, including a specialist. 

Coughing needs time to shake off but my mom is so impatient and doesn't allow me time to get well. She kept bugging me to see the doctor. Bah... waste my money only! 

Anyway, am on the road to recovery now, although I still have slight cough and phlegm.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back From Holland LALALA

I have been back from Holland for about ten days now, where I spent a total of 1 day in KL and 8 days in the Netherlands. I am so high from the trip, it is very difficult for me to resettle to my daily routine here in Ipoh. 

Spending 9 days in total on vacation, I dare say it was better than some couples' honeymoon! But just when I was getting used to a new country, I have to return to Malaysia already. Argh! 

Holland was quite cold when I was there. The warmest during the day was about 16C and the coldest at night when I was still outside was about 12C. I was shivering most of the time! 

I love that Holland has long daylight when I was there. The days were bright from 5+am onwards and dusk only set in after 9pm! Wow, such long days, and I enjoyed every minute of my time there! 

I want to go back!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Eight Days To Go

There are still 8 days to go before my big trip to Europe! Holland, to be exact. I know it is still too early to pack but I am wondering if my luggage bag could fit everything in! 

I wonder if I should get a larger trolley bag.... on one hand, it would be more comfortable fitting my stuff, especially heels, and because it is cold, I need more and thicker clothes. On the other hand, I may have difficulty manoeuvring steps, if I have to. Besides this trolley bag, I also need a backpack for my laptop, water and other stuff. 

Argh... how lah? How lah? To buy or not to buy? RM300 only.