Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Private Party

A new acquaintance is trying to rope me in to help with arranging a private party among our mutual friends to be hosted in his private residence. This friend and his wife are already in their 80s and their children and grandchildren are living in Australia.

I am wondering if I should commit myself to the task because I am running on a tight schedule myself. I also need to know how many people are volunteering their time, although i couldn't ask this question outright. 

In any case, I have begun doing a little homework and have checked out wholesale linens from premiertablelinens com. I am wondering if we should purchase or rent. Maybe a better bet would be to rent so that we don't have a bunch of stuff that we may no longer use.

Another Trip Coming Up

Well, well, well. After two months sitting on my butt in front of my computer typing away, it is time to make a move again. And this time it is to Sarawak. The previous trip was to Langkawi which means I got to fly. I am flying again to East Malaysia. Yay! Will I get to fly to the Netherlands again?? It's been more than a year and I miss that trip so much. 

Anyway, I have just a few days at home to clear up all my work before my trip. I hope to start with a clean slate but I know it won't happen. Haihhhh what to do? I have to lug my laptop along. It's a long trip and I have pending work to complete. Also, I need to back up my photos at the end of each day. The corrupted memory card that I faced on a trip to Terengganu was most awful! 

Till I see you again!

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Been A Year

Today marks the first anniversary of my trip to Europe, where I had the best time of my life, with the most amazing companion(s). 

Although I have traveled to a few other countries following that trip, this one to Europe is still so fresh in my mind. I enjoyed it to much from the every day life to the higher end stuff such as orhcestra concerts and cross border visits to neighboring countries. 

Will I be able to go there again some time soon? To me, it's not so much about the place, city or country, but about whom I was with and that's what made the difference between a mediocre trip and an awesome one!

Overloaded With Work!

Well, what's new? I have overloaded myself with work again and then I get so stressed out until every thing is completed. 

But when I have nothing to occupy my mind and time, I complain that I am too free, and go and look for more stuff to do! 

Haih, hard life! Can't I relax for just a while? Can, but only for half a day before I get bored out of my mind. 

Oh well, have to complete everything before I leave for Terengganu on Monday..... and then, HOLIDAY!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

45th Wedding Anniversary

It's my parents' 45th wedding anniversary this coming Monday, and we are planning an intimate party. After doing a little research among friends, I would like to engage a three-piece band to provide some music and entertainment. 

However, one of my cousins said that he can entertain us instead, but with only guitar tracks. I prefer professional artists and think that my cousin only offered because he has been eyeing the guitar at guitar center

In any case, I will see what he can come up with. Will decide if he's worth hiring and paid in kind with guitar, after he has undergone my audition. Hahaha!

Too Many Trips

Argh... suddenly received a deluge of invitations to go on trips... after a dry season of one plus month. 

Unfortunately, because one of the trips require me to be away for one week, I have to stay put in Ipoh to complete my other work so that I start with a clean slate when I return. 

But I am not happy to have to give trips a miss. There's always something new to learn, new people to meet, and new experiences to gain. 

Oh well, hopefully, there'll be something better to look forward to, and then there's Ramadhan, when travel will be halted, unless I make personal trips.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Audio Visual Fair

I just agreed to accompany a friend to an Audio Visual Fair in the city. Although I have no deep interest in AV technology, I am in need of a microphone for my job and has been recommended the audio technica lavalier microphone

I also can't decide how much my budget will be but obviously, stingy as I am, I am looking for as best a deal as possible.

And so, off we shall be going to the capital city this Friday, and get three full days of shopping, more like window shopping for me, to get the maximum out of our trip.