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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Love for Guitar Rekindled

I got in touch with a friend again via Facebook after a looong time of losing touch. Facebook is such a good platform to reconnect. But then again, it is not always that we want to be friends with certain people, and yet they found us on social media. Bleh.... 

Anyway, this friend kept inviting me to this and that club in town, informing me that he'll be there to perform. I promised that I'd drop by one day and it was not till six months later that I managed to do so! I know, I'm bad!! But what to do? I had travel assignments and many things to catch up on every time I am back home. 

After giving him my support by showing up at his work place, I find that my love for the guitar has been rekindled. I hope to pick it up again. Don't know where my old guitar is now with all the moving. Checked out the guitar center and hope to buy a new one. But first, would I have the time to play?


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