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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Slowing Down

It's Ramadan and it is time to slow down from all my travels. I made four trips in May and spent a total of 10 nights away from home. This month, I only have three nights away scheduled. There will probably be more as the days pass but I am not so sure yet as there is nothing confirmed so far. But then, it is Hari Raya at the last week of the month. I have traditionally spent Hari Raya at home so far and I think this year is of no exception. 

So yeah, fewer trips means more time to sit in front of the computer to catch up with work. Running about here and there does not help with the backlog but instead just adds up to my pile of work. Oh well, even so, my work doesn't seem to diminish as new work keeps coming in, adding to the pile. Still, no complains as the work is what supports my travels, eh?


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