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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Born Rich [2009 TVB Drama] Conclusion

I finally finished watching Born Rich, a recently aired TVB drama, early this morning. I watched from episode 35 to 41! Well, technically, there were only 39 episodes but because there was a two hour conclusion, those of us in Malaysia get to watch a total of 41 episodes instead.

A friend, a fellow TVB drama enthusiast, warned me that I would not want to watch Born Rich because I would feel like slapping someone because of the plot. Frankly, I really enjoyed the drama. That's why I had no problems watching six episodes consecutively.

Granted, there are some parts that are a little too outrageous, like how Rene willingly goes back to Yatming's side just to take revenge and everyone lets her do it. I think that no rape victim would be able to do that even though they once loved each other.

Anyway, I think that the cast put in a superb performance. I cried when they did. I like the fact that Angie got her just deserts for being a home wrecker and that Marcus has a second chance to be with Connie again.

Perhaps the reason I enjoyed this show more is because of all the familiar faces. I used to watch Ray Lui, Gallen Lo and Kenix Kwok, way before people like Moses Chan, Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng rule our TV screen.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this drama, don’t understand why the concluding episode received 13 complaints from Hong Kong viewers. LOL


Thu Hua said...

OMG!!! I'm watching it in Vietnamese.. and I'm only at episode 26.. I'm anticipating to continue because in vietnamese, they have only translate to episode 28.. Have to wait for the other ones to upload.. :(.. But I have an idea of whats happening now.. lol.. AH! I love Born Rich! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor you have to wait so long for the ending! Reading my conclusion, I hope it wouldn't spoil the drama for you! Listen to the theme songs of Born Rich if you have time.

I love them so much and have been listening to them non-stop. LOL

Thu said...

Oh no don't worry... I'm like getting stressed out with all the drama.. So, your conclusion helps me actually.. :0

(My BF told me that I watch the episodes too often to the point where he can hear the theme song as he's sleeping..)

I have been listening to hypnotizing spell constantly... I was searching for that song and that was how i found your blog lol...

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