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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reducing Snoopy's Maintenance Cost

I told a friend that I have not been able to concentrate on work these past seven months as I have to provide full time care for Snoopy, my incapacitated dog. In addition to the loss of income, I have to dig my savings to support Snoopy. What irks me the most is that I do not have control of the situation at all. I hate the feeling of being trapped.

My friend suggested that I change my vet; perhaps a new vet could reduce the cost of maintaining Snoopy. He asked if I wanted to be introduced to his cousin who is a vet too. I turned him down because I don't see how I could further reduce this maintenance cost. I have to buy his medication, supplements, food and home medical supplies like incontinence pads and antiseptic powder for his pressure sores. These are fixed costs.

And even though I may be able to reduce the vet's bill by changing to another vet, I don't think I should because I know that I am paying for his experience.


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