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Thursday, December 17, 2009

KTM KL-Ipoh Electric Train Service Beginning April 2010

I read with delight that KTM will commence KL-Ipoh electric train service beginning April 2010 and the train ride would only take 1 hour 50 minutes. That's a lot of time saved from travelling on the road. Besides, we would not have to pay toll.

It has been 20 years or so since I visited Kuala Lumpur and I think that with this service, I surely would be able to travel to KL more often even though I may not have business there. By then, perhaps I would be free from Snoopy and my nursing duties to him which means that I would have more freedom to do my own thing.

I am really curious to know how much it would cost to travel to KL. This is a premium service so it would cost a little more. However, I think that initially, KTM will run a promotion by either offering free or discounted rides. I hope to be able to take advantage of that, cheapo me!

In any case, even if tickets are slightly more expensive, I think it would still be value for money. Travelling time is shortened by almost an hour compared to current train rides to KL and time is money.


Anonymous said...

Now is April 2010....Where is the new train?

Anonymous said...

Now is August 2010....when are they going to start?

Anonymous said...

See my updated post:


Anonymous said...

is tiz new train start working already?
how much the ticket fm KL to ipoh?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it has been in operation since early August, 2010.

Fare is RM30 currently. It's a promotional rate and I understand that it will be revised sometime after the New year.

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