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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Car Indecision

My sister, Kelly, told me that she is planning to purchase a new car. She told me that her car is not worth repairing because it would need a considerable amount of money too. As far as I know, my sister has been searching for a new car for a few months already but yesterday, she told me that luckily she has yet to book a new car because 2010 car models are out and they all look so good my sister told me that she doesn't know which one to choose!

Kelly showed me a few 2010 car models and asked me to help her choose. I don't know which one would be suitable for her needs but I personally think that the 2010 audi s4 would make a great car for her. Not only could she drive to work, it would be large enough for her family of four. Kelly, though, told me that she is more inclined towards getting a sleek MPV like Honda Insight as she is planning to start a family next year and would need more room in the vehicle.

Well, I’ll leave her to make her own decision but if I could afford it, I would definitely buy a 2010 pontiac, perhaps the Pontiac GTO! It sure has class!


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