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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creating Transparent GIF Images

I handle a lot of images in my line of work but so far, I never bothered to learn how to edit my images to make them more appealing. All I have done so far is just brighten or darken them. That's all!

Recently, I was browsing some online stores and came across photos that are so much better than mine. I believe that better photos would attract more people to make a purchase and wanted to try my hand at editing my photos too. I asked a friend what type of file I should save my photo as and he told me that those were called transparent GIF.

My friend told me to get myself a copy of Photoshop which could handle all editing methods in computer graphics and images but I am cheap, I thought I would look for freeware which has the same features. I found it in IrfanView but have not been successful in editing my existing photos into transparent GIF images. I asked my friend to teach me and because we live in different cities, he could only guide me via email and text messages. Still, I am quite dumb and cannot yet get it right. I guess I will have to wait for him to visit me or vice versa so that he could teach me.

I feel bad that I couldn't pick up the trick in image editing even though my friend has been very patient. In contrast, I have not been patient with my parents with teaching them how to surf the web. They are of an older generation, of course, and are quite afraid of technology, especially my mother. I know that I have to be more patient with her so that she could learn to look up information on the web by herself. Lately, she suffers from one medical condition after another and so tries to read up on them online for better knowledge. The other day, I taught her to make use of the search engine. I told her she could try to look for whatever she wants, even something like "effects of continuous hormonal infusions" and possible results that match her search query will be displayed. I hope once she gets the hang of it, she would not be afraid of the computer.


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