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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Looping Korean Drama Witch Yoo Hee Soundtrack

Since I began watching Korean drama Witch Yoo Hee, aka Witch Amusement, I have listened to the official soundtrack and have continued listening to it even though I have already finished watching the drama last night.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post on Witch Yoo Hee, I didn't find the storyline too impressive though the actors and actresses did put on a good performance, but strangely, I really like the soundtrack and despite listening to the whole album multiple times already, still have yet to get bored with the tracks. My favourite being track #11 Just Like Destiny (Instrument) - 오준성.

I normally only like two or three tracks from an album but this time, I didn't even remove any of the tracks from this album from my player. When will I be bored with the album or when will I change to another album to loop? Probably when I start watching Beyond The Realm of Conscience or Born Rich or perhaps another Korean drama.

I'll be watching something new tonight but have yet to decide which drama to start. Or perhaps just a movie will do.


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