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Friday, October 19, 2007

It Keeps Tripping!

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the main power supply in my house that keeps tripping. Well, now I think that it is not the power supply of my house. For a moment there, I thought that the wiring may be at fault. We called in the electrician to check out power points and he said that every thing seems fine and ask us to test plugging in and out

Siow ah? Who has the time to do all that?

So just now, I called up the computer shop and asked if a computer could cause the main power supply pf a house to trip but he said that the chances are too low for that to happen. He asked if I could feel the electricity at the back of my CPU but I don't think so. He said the best is to get the computer over to check but I can't spare it because I need to use it daily. That's why I desperately need the laptop as back up and also the UPS.

Anyway, he said a way to try is to have the power supply changed. Come to think of it, this is an old power supply so I will try out his suggestion and see if this problem could be solved. It will cost me RM90+ but I hope it will end my problem once and for all!


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