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Friday, October 19, 2007

Furniture From Home For The Home

I am sure you know by now that I have been looking for suitable furniture for my small office, home office. It is always good to set up a space for work ONLY. Otherwise, I would be working all over the house and it would be disorganized. My mom has also bugged me to upgrade some of the furniture in the house so I thought I might as well check out and compare more furniture stores so that I could make my purchase from one place only.

Since I spend a lot of time working, I am looking for home office furniture that would be nice to look at, classy and comfortable to use. I was told to check out Furniture From Home for their range of home office furniture and I really like that they have a wide range of executive style office furniture. Although one may work from home, we need not "make do" with any old desk. Don't you think so?

Since my office is in a section of my room, it would be a great idea to check out bedroom furniture as well. I find the furniture here very chic looking and a class above in design and style. I only wish that I have enough space in my room!

Also, I was supposed to find a girl's bed for Wei Wei and the white wash trundle bed caught my eye. The full set includes the chest, dresser, mirror, trundle and nightstand but it looks like we can buy them separately. This bedroom set for is suitable for a boy or girl and is beautiful. It makes me recall all the sitcoms that I watched when I was a child of the rooms of those young actresses and how I wished that I could have their bedroom! Now I know that those were only props but this white wash bedroom set is what we can get for real!

Although my mother also wanted sectionals for the living room, I think I would have to leave that for another day! However, I did check out the range of sectionals on Furniture From Home since I was already at their website and am impressed with their full range of sectional sofa sets, most of them are leather sets that spell CLASSY!


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