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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Power Problem

There is something wrong with the electricity supply of my house. I do not know if it is plug problem or wiring problem. All I know if that the power keeps tripping! Yea, I am so worried that it will hurt my hard disk if my computer is switched on when it happens and I have not the time to buy that darn UPS! GGrrr

I am so mad because I even lost a blog post that I was in the midst of typing out when it happened. Cheh

This problem will not be a problem if we know where the fault lies in but then we do not even have a clue. The switch trips without any pattern or warning at all. So all we can do now is just test the plugs one by one to check for the trigger point. Where got time wor???

We did call in an electrician but that was his only suggestion because no way is he going to change the plugs and switches of our house without knowing definitely the source of the problem right??


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