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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Urgent Stuff Be Gone!

Hoyeah... finally, I cleared all my urgent work already. In my previous post, I mentioned the same, but then suddenly, some work was pushed to me, and I had to rush again. PANT PANT PANT!! 

I don't like to have to rush because it upsets my schedule. This time, I didn't even have the time or mood to celebrate my birthday. It was all about work. I didn't even have time for my mother who has not felt too fit for the past one month. 

Anyway, today is a relaxing day, which gives me time and mood to come here to blog, where no one knows me, and so, they can't judge me. 

We are slightly more than a month to 2014, and like how I had wished for in the beginning of 2013, I hope I get paid better for the amount of work, time and effort I put in!


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