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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just went under the knife yesterday, or rather the blade, to remove a total of five moles from both my shoulders. I am weird, I am so moley. Is there something wrong with me? This is the third and final round of mole removal.

I can understand that the doctors weren't too happy with me, requesting to have so many moles removed, wasting their precious time. They think I am a masochist who love inflicting pain on myself, but I am no masochist and what about the time I spent waiting? Isn't my time precious too?

This isn't something I love doing but it is something that I have to do now. Moles grow larger and uglier and then it would be difficult to remove. They would bleed and are painful as well. And when they are big, the scar will be longer. I have dragged my feet for some of the moles, so I know.

Anyway, one more visit to the clinic to remove my sutures and I am done. Ciao!


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