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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Walk In Bathtubs

For the past month, I accompanied a friend to look at a few new residential projects with ready show houses and was quite disappointed to see that none of these houses have walk in bathtubs for seniors. One would think that with the growing population of senior citizens, thanks to advances in science and medicine and improved medical care, walk in bathtub should be a compulsory fixture in any home, especially one that's newly built.

It must be the oversight of the developers, or maybe they just want to save on cost. But then again, walk-in bathtubs are no longer that expensive. In fact, many households with senior citizens do not hesitate to install one thanks to its affordability. In addition, there are many different designs with different price tags which would suit people with various budgets.

I have been reading up on walk-in bathtubs for a long time. I lived with my grandparents so I know how these bathtubs could be liberating for them and improve the quality of life. Back then, these bathtubs were extremely expensive and we couldn't afford it. Now that my parents are getting old, I am prepared to install a walk-in bathtub at home should they need one. As I said, it’s essential in any household with senior citizens.


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