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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ghost Hockey

I've been going to watch hockey at Stadium Azlan Shah Ipoh since the first day of the Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 tournament. Although I don't know anything about hockey, I've been enjoying myself and I make some new friends too. I also tried my hands at shooting sports photos. Unfortunately, I don't have a powerful camera and so, with a swift game like hockey, my photo turned out like this.

It's like ghost hockey. I can't even see who is playing but from the colours, I can see that it was a match between Malaysia and India. Haha! Did you know that Malaysia lost to India 2-5? Well, at least Malaysia played their hearts out, even though Malaysia stands at world number 15 against India's world number 9.

I am beginning to like hockey even though I may still not know the game rules and such. I will continue to watch hockey matches until the finals while the tournament is still being held at my doorstep.


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