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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sultan of Perak Birthday

It's the birthday of the Sultan of Perak today, so it's a public holiday. I had a dinner with my uncle and aunt yesterday at Impiana Hotel (formerly Casuarina Hotel, then Parkroyal Casuarina Hotel) because they came to Ipoh for the night since they have to leave for Kuala Kangsar early in the morning to attend the ceremony at the Istana.

So what do I do on a holiday? I have no idea, actually. i don't want to have a holiday. I'm happiest when I have work to occupy my time! Otherwise, I'd just end up sitting at the computer playing Facebook games. Sigh.... those games are just sucking up my time!

I hope that today, I'll finally kick myself enough to get started on clearing out some junk in my room. I need to throw away some old stuff as if I'm relocating. Will I be able to do it? I need to stop being sentimental!!


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