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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Lost ‘Cousin’

I visited my relative that I have lost touch with for so many years. My dad and her dad were cousins but the family ties broke off when her dad passed away a few years ago. In fact, I have never even met these children before.

When I went to her home, I was not surprised to see a cabinet full of sport trophies. According to her dad, his two daughters were very active in sports, especially taekwondo. When they got married and became mothers, they stopped their sporting activities. Looking at their physical shape now, you wouldn't know that they were taekwondo exponents!

I am glad that I got to meet her and her three siblings finally. We have planned this gathering for a long time but it's not easy to fit the schedule of so many people! I hope that now that we have finally met, we will continue to keep in touch, at least occasionally!


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