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Saturday, April 09, 2011

School Girls Make Pact To Get Pregnant Together

I recently read an old report on Time Magazine that said that 17 school girls in Massachusetts made a pact to get pregnant together, so that they would deliver and raise the babies together. I believe that I have read many things and heard about many things that happen in the United States that are pretty shocking bu this definitely takes the cake.

Camille Allen's Clay Babies

Their target are adult men in their mid-twenties and not their classmates! There was even a 24-year-old homeless man! Are these men going to support the babies? Do they even know that they are being trapped? Or crudely put, raped by these school girls? LOL

Reading this article, it's as if there are not enough single mothers in the United States. It's reported that this school has good childcare and health care facilities but does this mean that these school girls have to make use of them purposely? According to the report, this isn't the first time school girls have gotten pregnant, it's just the highest number of pregnancy.

Makes me wonder if there's anything wrong with the American education system....


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