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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mole Removal

This week, I have been looking for a plastic surgeon in Ipoh to remove a facial mole. I had actually wanted to remove my facial mole for a long time but since it was not urgent, I procrastinated. This week, I decided to do it, finally.

There are only about three plastic surgeons in Ipoh; even though I didn't consult them, I know they are not affordable enough for me. So I decided to go to Ipoh General Hospital. I went to the outpatient clinic this morning to get a referral letter to the Dermatology Department.

I got the letter after a lengthy wait. My appointment is every Thursday but even though today is Thursday, I was late already and so, can only go to the specialist clinic next week. And even so, I would have to wait another few weeks for an appointment to actually remove the facial mole.


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