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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reconnecting With Old Friends

Thanks to social networks, I managed to reconnect with some of my old schoolmates. I actually don't really want to get in touch with them at all. It really has been a "lifetime" since we talked and we are too far apart now and I am not talking about physical distance but when these people send me a message, I have to respond. Sometimes, I wonder if they really remember who I am.

I marvel that most of my friends did not change at all, physically. At lot of time has passed, no doubt, but from the photos, they could still pass for college or university students. I, on the other hand, look a lot older!

Even so, there is a friend who has undergone a drastic change. I remember her as a chubby girl and when she went to pursue her tertiary education, she grew fatter. I guess it was either her new diet or the change of environment. She told me that whilst she tried to lose weight, nothing helped her much for long. One day, she came across adipozin reviews and decided to try it. She has since stopped taking weight loss pills and made sure that she changed her diet and lifestyle as well. Obviously, depending on pills solely wouldn't work.


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