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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Blog Header Again

Suddenly, after some years, I saw it fit to change my blog header to something smaller. I actually have wanted to do so a long time ago because I do realise that the previous one was too large that it blocked half my screen and I am using a 20in display. I can certainly understand what a pain it is for other readers who may be using a smaller display.

When I had the urge to change my header this morning, I just went online to search for free blog headers, found a red one and just used it. I wish I have time to look for an even more suitable red header but I just don't have time. It's funny and I don't even understand why I don't have time, since I'm not even making money. I would expect to see some revenue when I am this busy but I guess I am always doing things that are non-productive.

And worse, I'm starting to enjoy Goong S too! That takes a couple of hours off each day! LOL


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