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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goong S (2007 K-Drama)

I've been watching the 2007 Korean drama this past week. It's Goong S, also known as Palace S or Prince Hours. This is actually not a sequel to Goong, which I enjoyed so much; the cast is different, plot is different but the theme is the same. The S, by the way, stands for "Special, Start, Spinoff, and Special".

Another similarity is the teddy bears used at the end of each episode to depict scenes from drama. There are also scenes that were shot at the very famous teddy bear theme park in Korea. I wish I could go visit one day! Just too cute.

After eight episodes, I can't decide if I like Se7en more or Kang Du more. I'm not talking about looks but about their roles. And I don't believe that Park Shin Hye, who carries the role of Shin Sae Ryung, was only 17 when she acted in this drama! She carried her role so well, so professionally.

Anyway, who will be the prince? And who will get the girl? I still have 12 more episodes to watch. Argh… why did I keep this drama for so many years?? LOL


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