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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Between Laptop And Tablet

Since I'm on the move so much, I have been wondering if I should just buy a tablet. I keep saying that a tablet is not really suitable for my kind of work because I really need a laptop. Whilst I have a laptop, it's getting heavier by the day and when I am out and about, I'd be carrying it on my back for hours on end and it tires me out.

A tablet is not cheap and laptops are getting lighter. Perhaps I should just splash some money on a custom laptop. At least it's a real work tool, unlike a tablet that's more suited for games and entertainment.

Haihh.... or maybe I should just continue to use my current laptop until it's beyond economic repair and then only think of what I should get. Perhaps by then, iPad 3 would have been released. Haha!! I hope!


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