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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now That The CNY Celebrations Are Over....

In a blink of an eye, CNY celebrations are over, I get to take care of my work which has piled up. On average, I spent at least three hours at an event and then spend just as long editing my photos. Many friends asked me what I benefit from such things that I do but then I like it. When one is interested, one doesn't really need to gain any benefit, right?

Also, now that I no longer need to run all over town, I need to get my car repaired. My father has been bugging me that my steering rack needs replacing but I haven't given him the money for it yet. Well, that will get done this coming week since I no longer need to use my car as much as the past two weeks.

After all these are wrapped, perhaps I would need to take a break. Wonder where I should go this time that is inexpensive!


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