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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goddess of Mercy Cave Temple In Ipoh

I went to the Goddess of Mercy Cave Temple in Ipoh a couple of evenings ago and even though I didn't have the intention to participate in Chap Goh Meh celebrations, I too was caught up in them.

There was a game show which got us in stitches. First they got two guys and two girls up on stage and they were given couple t-shirts to wear. The guys had to wear the smaller sized one while the girls had to wear the larger one. They were then asked to switch the t-shirts. Yucky, right? LOL

The guys were both so skinny, it's amazing that they were able to fit into girl size t-shirts. Me thinks they both need a good dose of testosterone boosters! I think even they were surprised they were able to wear the smaller t-shirt!

The catch was that they had to change their clothes on stage! Imagine how awkward it was for the girls. Poor thing! But everyone had a good laugh and that's most important, isn't it?


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