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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Chap Goh Meh

It's Chap Goh Meh today, the fifteenth night of Chinese New Year, which is the last day of celebrations of the Spring festival. It's also known as Chinese Valentine's Day. I have never celebrated Chap Goh Meh in a grand way before because it's mostly a Hokkien festival. Chap Goh Meh itself is Hokkien word for "the fifteenth night" as I have mentioned.

I have also never celebrated it in a romantic way. Maybe because I have never "thrown" mandarin oranges before that I am still single till today. Sigh... it is too late to throw now as all the kiddies will be the one picking up mandarin oranges.

Yesterday, I was at a Chinese New Year event where mandarin oranges were thrown specifically for girls to catch. According to the emcee, these oranges have been written with the names and contact numbers of "leng chais" so she specifically asked only "leng luis" to catch those oranges but I saw some pretty elderly men fighting for those oranges.

Maybe the significances of trying to seek a life partner through mandarin oranges do not hold any water to them and they just wanted the oranges to fill their stomach. It was quite funny. I should have fought for one of those oranges, right?

Oh well, after this weekend, everything should be back to normal after the craze that is Chinese New Year!


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