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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Extremely Bloated

After so much eating over Chinese New Year, I'm feeling stuffed. And you know, I only eat a little at each place. Chinese people would feel offended if you do not eat at all, thinking that either their food isn't good enough for their guests or not delicious enough. Which is not true, of course.

I wonder how much weight I have put on over the past two years. I didn't measure my weight before the food fest began but I KNOW that I am a lot fatter now because of my tighter pants. HHmm it's time to look for natural weight loss pills next week. I don't want my fat to be permanent!

My father asked me to follow him to the night market tonight. I declined as I know he would surely stuff me with food again. Let me lose weight first before I get stuffed again!


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