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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earlier To Bed

I can't write "early to bed" because I can never be early. I can be earlier though and I have tried to get to bed latest by 1.30am. Maybe because age is catching up and I can't get my eyes to keep open after a certain time threshold or maybe it's because I am not able to get a good afternoon nap but then I know it's a bad habit and it just makes me stay up later than I should at night.

I am still waking up at my usual time of 7 - 8am, which is luxury compared to my friends who are parents to school-going kids. These kids have to get up so early, it's pitiful that the parents have to get up and prepare for their schooling even earlier!!

If possible, I want to tune my biological clock more so that i would look for my bed at around midnight and stay away from my bed in the afternoon. I know it's possible but then the afternoons are so hot, I just feel so sleepy and not productive at all.


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