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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Station 18, Pengkalan

A reporter friend tipped me off to this event at Station 8 a couple of evenings ago, telling me the MB will be there and there's a fireworks. The MB didn't come but a member of the EXCO did and so did the Mayor of Ipoh. Well, these aren't people that I usually see, so it was an eye-opener too.

My father, who drove me there because it was very far from my house and the traffic as very heavy and there wouldn't be any parking, didn't want to wait for the fireworks display, unfortunately. I thought I would have the opportunity to shoot some fireworks but too bad I had to leave. Yeah, it's not very convenient going with someone who doesn't share the same interest. Anyway, I didn't bring along a tripod so it wasn't a huge loss. My photos wouldn't turn out good, anyway. Bleh...


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