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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rapid Detoxification

At a recent wedding reception of a distant relative, I bumped into an uncle whom I hardly talked to. Living miles apart is one thing, but from young, I was told that this man, the son of so and so, was a drug addict. Hence, my father didn't allow us to visit the family.

At the wedding reception, the cousin, who used to be close to my mother, told her that he has finally cured himself of his addiction. According to him, it was a long, painful and lonely "journey", made more difficult because he didn't have the support of friends and family during his period of recovery.

I thought to myself that it wouldn't be as difficult as he had experienced if he had undergone rapid detox instead, which is a quick detoxification procedure that takes eight hours under the watchful eye of a doctor, and then post-care for the next 36 to 48 hours.

I always believe that while it is difficult to overcome addictions, it is even harder to live the days following that what with temptations from society. That's why follow-up care and counseling is so important.


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