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Saturday, January 08, 2011

I Have A New Handphone!

Yes, after sticking with the Nokia E61i for 2.5 years and also using the iPhone as a secondary handphone, I now have a new handphone. It's the Motorola Defy.

Some people do not understand why I need two mobile phones. Well, unfortunately, my iPhone doesn't have 3G connectivity but I still need it for its camera, which is poorer in quality on the Nokia. So I had to carry two phones. Of course, I could also carry just one mobile phone and one digital camera, but then I DO have two mobile lines....in short, it's just complex! LOL

With a new handphone, the Moto Defy, I hope that I can use this one device for EVERYTHING that I need it to. There are still many things that needed to be explored but right now, I can see that I already have more than a passable digital camera, video camera and GPS device. With this post, I am enclosing sample photos shot with Motorola Defy.


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