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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pay Too Low To Worth The Trouble

A friend sent me a job classified a week ago so I made a call to the office to see what the job is all about. In the advertisement, it mentions pay of UP TO RM2000. This means that they are paying less than RM2000. I wasn't very keen since I will be relocating from Ipoh and obviously, anything less than RM2000 would not be worth the trouble.

Over the phone, I was told that it's a telemarketing job where we have to sell insurance from a bank. We have to sign a three-month contract, renewable for another three months. If we can perform in terms of sales, we have the chance to get a one-year contract.

This pisses me off as I have no interest in a telemarketing job. I only called because the friend who sent me the lead, who is also the one who stopped me from taking up the job offer that I received late December, said that I didn't bother to call. That's why I called. This tells me that he has no idea what I am looking for.

We are just not looking at things in the same way, which is fine but I hate it when people meddle with my life. I am not going to take this lying down.


Alvinator said...

To my opinion, the longer you wait the harder to get a job even you have a degree. If you don't have the qualification that fits the bill I suggest you try lower end jobs like customer service as there are chances of promotion and less contract terms. Most of the companies will take you in full time staff BUT chances are you must work in shifts. Take for example Astro, Maxis, Digi, banks...etc. The shift are as long as 12 hours and must work on weekends/public holidays.

Anonymous said...

Sad lah, work like a cow and paid so little. :(

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