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Sunday, December 05, 2010

PC Show Ipoh (December 2010)

It's IT fair time again in Ipoh. It began on 3rd December and will end this evening at 9pm. if you are in Ipoh, make your way to Stadium Indera Mulia, or maybe not. I tell you, the previous IT fair was slightly more than a month ago only and they are too near to each other to see any new products introduced to consumers. Almost everything is the same, from vendors to sales people to consumers.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular because I already have a new digital camera and a new desktop computer. I am eye-ing a GPS and a tablet computer, though but I don't have the money for top of the line GPS devices and tablets are still new in the market and is still lacking technology-wise.

I did, however, buy a laptop sleeve, only RM10, but exactly what I need for my laptop. Other things didn't catch my eye. Perhaps, I need to be more generous to myself!


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