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Friday, November 26, 2010

Self-Portrait (Samsung ST600)

One of the best features of the Samsung ST600 camera that caught my attention was the front LCD. Now that I have the camera and read through the manual, I found out that it is only good for self-portraits. It's because of the length of our arms. Like I said in my review of Samsung ST600 earlier, I can't use it to shoot the background. I think that if we have an "extended arm" like the Xshot, it would be different but I don't have it so I cannot try.

I have been taking quite a few self-portraits lately but I don't like them because I look "old and tired" and I see lines on my forehead. They are quite prominent and I will have to use anti wrinkle cream starting from now before they get deeper.

Every time I am outside and have opportunities to take some nice self-portraits, I just look hot and dirty. Maybe it's because my car doesn't have air-conditioner. SIGH!


Alvinator said...

Car no air-cond? So hot still driving convertible?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha so funny. Open windows, not open roof! :)

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