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Friday, November 19, 2010

Review of Samsung ST600

So I have been using my new Samsung ST600 dual-LCD digital camera for a few days already and had taken it out of the house for a "field trip". Although I have been raving about its dual-LCD since the first generation of Samsung dual-LCD digital camera was introduced a couple of years ago and I finally have the latest model in my hands now, there are a few cons that I would like to point out, if you are thinking of buying a Samsung ST600 as well.

Although I have two batteries (original Samsung batteries), each one couldn't last more than 250 shots. I am using "10M widescreen fine" and only put on the front LCD off and on but still, the battery, which shows 3 bars when full, quickly runs dry. Going out of the house for four hours (only), I had to change my battery halfway.

When I was looking to buy a digital camera, I was very particular in the battery and wanted only those that run on AA batteries. Now, if I run out of battery outside of home, I can't buy AA battery packs from a convenience store. The battery charges inside the camera and while charging, I wouldn't be able to use it to shoot (photos or videos). Well, the good thing is that I wouldn't have to carry a charger but sometimes, it's better to use a charger so that I could leave a battery charging in the hotel room, for example, while I go out for a short while to shoot something.

A lot of people asked me if the front LCD really works. It does but because our arms are limited in length, all my shots of myself show my "big face" and very little of the background. So, if I were to take a photo of myself from head to shoulders, it wouldn't be a problem. However, if I wanted to take a photo of myself in front of, say, Eiffel Tower, it wouldn't be possible.

Also, since this camera uses MicroSD memory card, you would need a memory card reader/adapter. Another thing is the camera gets hot when I have switched it on for long minutes. Like smart phones, the heat makes it uncomfortable to use since it's something that has to be held.

In short, this is not a camera that I feel I could fully depend on. I don't believe I could go out for one whole day with this camera alone unless I get another four or five batteries, since I couldn't use it when charging, even if I have a car USB charger, but that totally doesn't make sense.


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