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Friday, November 12, 2010

Guess Who Has A New Camera?

Me, Myself and IIIII!!!! LOL

Yes, and it's not any ordinary digital camera but the dual-LCD Samsung ST600! Yes, it's the latest Samsung dual screen digital camera and it's in Champagne gold! My favourite colour! Woohoo!

Yes, I love my new camera but I still think it's a bit extravagant to buy something so expensive but what can I say? It's already bought! So I guess there is nothing for me to do but learn to use it and make the best use of it!

I love that it has dual LCDs and it's perfect for camwhores, though I am not one but with this camera, I can take more photos of myself, though those will never be shown to the public! In short, I will be a closet camwhore! LOL

I played around with it a little but there are still so many features and functions that I have to learn and memorize their positions so that I could easily look for them when I need to!

Yahoo! I think I will make a short trip somewhere to try out the camera.


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