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Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally Meeting Up

So I went to KL yesterday for one day and had the opportunity to finally meet up with a friend whom I have known on the internet for years. She is known as a "big" woman to me and so I was surprise to see that she is not as "big" as she looked in photos!

However, she told me that since joining "The Biggest Loser Asia" and failed to go through even the preliminary round, she decided that she didn't need fame and fortune to motivate her to lose weight. In fact, she has been trying out the best diet pills for women and have found some success with a couple of products. No wonder she isn't as big as I had the impression of her!

Well, now that I am back from KL, I have no idea when I will be going down to the capital city again. I may not have plans yet but maybe one day, something comes in by email and I would be taking up on that opportunity again!


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