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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Making Plans For KL

Yes, I had every intention NOT to get away from Ipoh this month because of the obscene expenses that I have ran up the entire year. I only didn't travel in January, April and October this year and I thought that I would just save more money this and next month so that I could go on a longer holiday and not just make day trips to the capital city which could be quite tiring but then last evening, a friend sent me an invitation to attend a conference for women netpreneurs and I couldn't resist. Signed up at the last minute and so, I am going to KL on Thursday. LOL

I'll have to go and get my train tickets in the morning. Being so close to the holidays, it will be crowded since everyone would be going to get their tickets too. I just hope that even if I have to wait for long minutes to be served at the KTM counter, I would still be able to get the tickets that I want, at the fare that I am willing to pay.

Since this trip is made in such short notice, I will have plenty of things to take care of before I leave. I am someone who doesn't like untied strings. Anyway, I will keep my expenses for this trip as low as possible though I may have to take the electric train home. That's RM30 gone already!


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