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Friday, November 19, 2010

Business Conference in France

My friend told me that she has found a new job with an event organizing company. She said she is very busy planning and then putting events and meetings together, some which require her to travel out of the country. My, am I envious of her!

She said that it's not easy, though, because of the language barrier in some foreign countries. At the moment, her team is planning a business conference for a multi-national company and the client has decided on France. That's a tall order but my friend said that she is eye-ing Holiday Inn Meetings France because of prestige and solid reputation.

According to my friend, she is still waiting for the in-depth requirements of the client, like their preferred location, number of attendees and the number of days they would like the business conference to be held. And the bottom line is of course the budget, without which my friend and her team of colleagues are unable to take action.

Well, I think once they have the specifics, they can move quickly and secure the best location the client needs. I am sure, even though my friend is new in her job, she and her colleagues would make this assignment a success!

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