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Friday, November 19, 2010

Little India (Brickfields)

A lot of people are curious about the photo quality of Samsung ST600. Well, I've only owned it for about a week and actually used it for the first few days since I have been sick these past few days and have stayed at home hence not able to try it out in a real world environment.

However, of the many photos that I took, I would say that the quality of all of them turned out right even though I was only using Smart Auto shooting mode. Also, the photos shot with Samsung ST600 that you have seen on my blog here thus far were all shot with "normal" quality, but 10M widescreen. And as you can see, they are sharp enough and the colours turned out really well, even though I have resized the photos to 800 X 450px for the purpose of blog publishing.

In this post, I am enclosing two photos that I took of Little India in Brickfields which underwent a huge face lift and was launched by the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and India on27th October, 2010. I understand hat this is the "new" Little India. As I am not local, I have no idea where the "old" Little India is. Well, the new Little India is more convenient for me!


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