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Friday, November 19, 2010

Married Life

I met my older cousin brother last weekend when he brought his family home to visit his mother. My cousin has moved to the capital city since getting married many years ago and since then, we hardly have the opportunity to meet. It's not that we were close in the first place but it was definitely warmer than now.

I was surprised that my cousin has put on a lot of weight; we joked that it's because his wife is good in cooking! Anyway, my cousin, who deals with home theater systems recommended me a set of home theater system speakers that my friend has been looking for. I, of course, took the opportunity to seek expert advice!

My cousin has two children and I feel kind of sad that I have never gone out of my way to create opportunities to meet up with them. I got quite a shock to realize they are now in their late teens already! I really should make more effort to get to know then. Living in different cities should not be an excuse since I travel to the capital city almost monthly!


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