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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RON97 Petrol To Increase By 15sen On Dec 1st

This is bad news. Apparently, RON97 petrol will increase by yet another 15sen to RM2.30 per litre from Dec 1 onwards. The good news is that RON95 is expected to remain at RM1.85 per litre though we cannot confirm this until an official announcement is made later today. This increase follows an increment of 15sen just a month ago.

My car is old and I can still run it on RON95. However, I know that some newer cars, especially performance cars, will only run efficiently on RON97. Too bad for them. Even so, I can't help but wonder when the G will "touch" RON95. It can't stay at RM1.85 forever while RON97 keeps increasing in price, right?

I remember reading about the owner of a Nissan Fairlady who says that his gas bill is getting higher and higher as the price of RON97 increases since his car cannot run on RON95. I feel for him. Selling it may be a solution but then who would want to take over this expensive baby?


Alvinator said...

People who can afford those performance cars and enjoyed driving them, be it old or new car, it doesn't matter! When the owner loves their ride and they can still afford running it, they will still spend their hard earn $ for it.

Look at some rich guys/gals. They rather spend their money or sometimes their parents money to buy a small car like Mini Cooper S rather than a family sized sedan such as Camry/Accord.

Anonymous said...

WAH the Mini Cooper S is so expensive for such a small car, can buy a house already!!

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