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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plans For Early December

Before the month is over, my next weekend is fully booked. I will be going to Penang this week with my family but it will be just a short day trip as my father and brother have to be in KL the following day. Luckily I did not book accommodation or it would be wasted since we couldn't postpone either one of these trips.

Next week though, it's my turn to be in KL. Yes, I am purposely going to make a trip to KLIMS '10 which starts on 3rd till 12th December at PWTC. I haven't decided which day to go yet but of course, it will be a weekday when tickets are cheaper! LOL Well, if I could get a free pass, then well and good but then I really would like to be in the draw for a car! I know it's not easy to win but at least, I would be in the running for it!

And then there is also a horse show and an IT show in Ipoh. This means that I have to give MAHA 2010 a miss which will start this weekend at MAEPS in Serdang. Aiyoh, sad lah! All the good stuffs seem to be happening in KL!


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