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Monday, November 22, 2010

Branding Oneself

I recently attended a social media conference in the capital city and one of the things that a panelist did was to brand herself. She is a novelist and her target readers are teenagers who don't have spending power but still these teenagers are buying books and merchandise from her, asking their parents for money, just because they MUST have these items. I find that very impressive.

It's difficult enough to popularize a product and a lot of products failed because they have a name that nobody can spell, remember and worse, pronounce. That's why I feel that the author had a great Branding strategy that she capitalized on and managed to make it work for her. She didn't even need to be drop dead beautiful! Of course, she is a talented lady in her own right but then let's be honest, not many good authors could achieve the kind of breakthrough she is enjoying. Can you imagine, she even has her own jingle!

I've shared this success story with a friend who is a fairly well-known local photographer and told him that like this author, he too could brand himself like how she did. Perhaps he would need a branding guru or something but the most important thing is the end result, isn't it?

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