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Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Trips & Cruises

I have been checking up on the web and apparently, it's quite popular now for tourism boards, hotel and resort chains, PR companies and other entities in the vacation industry to sponsor bloggers on "press trips". HHmmm and quite a few bloggers have benefited from these free travels which they will then post on their blogs, though not necessarily in a positive tone only.

Bu then again, of course these sponsors will only look at bloggers who are already popular and have a healthy readership base. Then only will they get the exposure they seek for their tour packages, etc. And yes, this is also having in Malaysia.

HHmm I am so envious. I think I also want to set up a travel blog and work on it till it receives thousands of visitors daily and then I can go on free press trips like them. Meanwhile, it looks like I have to fork out my own money for my trips first. LOL


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