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Friday, November 19, 2010

Controlling Anger

I read about a young Singaporean guy who stabbed his girlfriend to death when she wanted to leave him. The girl was only 18 then, and he was, I think, two years older. He is now just 24, and going to be hanged because of this murder.

My father used to tell us that if we can control our emotions, we can control our destiny and looking at this case, my father is spot on. If this young man could control his emotions, his anger, he wouldn't have to die for his crime. It's a life for a life and I know it's extreme but it does happen.

Those who are not in control of their anger should undergo anger management class like the Houston Anger Management therapy that I read recently, which is open to individuals, to couples and even to those who are more comfortable dealing with something personal like this with a group of people facing a similar problem.


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