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Friday, November 19, 2010

Burning Flame 3 (2009 TVB Drama)

I didn't get to watch Burning Flame 1 and 2 yet because I couldn't find it anywhere so I didn't wait around and skipped to Burning Flame 3 instead. LOL Just as well since there's Kevin Cheng in 3! I don't find the drama particularly catching, since I started watching the drama weeks ago and till today, am only at episode 3! yeah, perhaps I'm busy and perhaps I'm sick but I know that if a drama is very interesting, I will always make time for it.

Kevin Cheng is once again so good looking! His voice is a little on the soft side, though, but at the same time, it's highly recognisable. Besides Kevin Cheng, I don't really like the other actors. Wong He always looks like he can't even open his eyes. Bosco Wong has a very poor voice and there is something wrong with his features. I think it's his mouth, I can't really pinpoint. As for Myolie Wu, she looks and acts the same in all her dramas! How can???

Anyway, this is going to be one long drama, with 32 episodes! I wonder if I could finish it before the year is over!


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