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Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheap Air Fare To Paris

Gosh, AirAsia is seriously giving most of us an opportunity to fly. They are launching KL-Paris on 14th February, 2011 and from 22nd to 24th Nov, 2010, they are selling these tickets from RM499. Of course, this is just promotional fare without airport taxes, service fee, admin fee and 101 other fees yet but still, it's a lot cheaper than "normal" air fare to Paris.

I remember comparing air tickets to Paris, France a few months ago when my friend asked me to visit him before he leaves Paris for Seoul, for good and gives up his apartment, so no more free accommodation. Back then, the air ticket, one way was at least RM3000!

It didn't matter which airlines I went with. All the full-fledged airlines are THAT expensive. Moreover, even with free accommodation and sponsored meals, it would still have cost me about RM7000 just to visit Paris then. of course, I backed out. A friend told me that AirAsia would be flying to Paris later but then too late, my friend has already settled down in Seoul. SIGH!


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